[2023 - Mc'Deaths] A game about stopping Ronald from falling asleep. Responsible for concept, programming & staging. Play it here!
[2022 - I'm Sorry I'm Büsi Today!] An asymmetrical local multiplayer game about a date & a cat. Responsible for mechanics & balancing. Play it here!
[2022 - Tobel] A game inspired by the swiss landscape of Graubünden. Responsible for concept & programming.
[2022 - Shoe It All!] A game about shooting shoes at things. Play it here!
[2022 - Train Station Fiasco] A game about getting through a crowd of people in public transport. Play it here!
[2022 - DeadEnds] A multilinear game about free will & the void. Responsible for concept & sound. Play it here!
[2022 - Idle Ikan] A meditative idle aquarium game. Responsible for background art, VFX & sound. Play it here!
[2021 - Together, to the end of the line.] A challenging local multiplayer game about staying together. Play it here!
[2021 - Bowels of the Machine] A game about a girl trying to find the truth. Responsible for background art. Play it here!
[2021 - I SUCK AT THIS]  A game about exterminating cockroaches. Responsible for concept & programming. Play it here!